Ibadah Dakwah dan Sedekah

Ibadah Dakwah dan Sedekah

Ko mit men Ibadah Dakwah dan

Sedekah kami wu jud da lam

ke giat an bis nis.

kami per caya dan ya kin bah wa

ber bagi ti dak akan mem buat

kita me rasa ke kurang an. 

Ibadah kami laku kan de ngan

tilawah Al Qur’an se tiap pagi

se belum me mulai ke giat an 

briefing pagi.

 ke giat an ini kami laku kan 

se tiap hari.

Se tiap hari jum’at kami juga 

me ngada kan kajian rutin 

yang di isi oleh ustad-ustad kami.

In this paragraph, I’m going to

discuss a few reasons why

practice is important to mastering

skills. Firstly, the only

way to truly learn a skill is

by actually doing what you’ll

have to do in the real world.

 Secondly, I think

practice can be a fun way

of putting in the necessary


There are, however, some people

who will disagree.

 Thirdly, and most importantly,

it is said that people tend to


only 10-20% of what they

read or hear.

 Moreover, that number rises

to as much as 90% when you put

theory to practice.

 In conclusion,

following up explanation with

practice is key to

mastering a skill.














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